Self-portraits are a great way to experiment with various sides of photography. It doesn’t even require a model to pose! All you require is your phone, an aesthetic setup, and of course you. It is the most creative way to express yourself.

You might feel confused at the beginning about how to pose, what expression to give, and what kind of background and decoration to set up. To get inspiration, some well-known self-portrait photographers like Claude Cahun, Vivian Maier, Andy Warhol, Francesca Woodman, etc.  have created their pictures so beautifully which you can go and check out.

Start with the necessary equipment

Having the essential equipment will make it a lot easier for you to click self-portraits. All you need is a tripod stand and fine quality digital cameras with self-timer and manual focus function. Investing in the equipment is something that you won’t ever regret in a long run as it is enduring and quite affordable. A good quality camera with several features will surely save your time and energy.

So here are some tricks and ideas which you can use to click self-portraits:

1. Partially Hidden Face

Self-portraits are all about creating dramatic effects. Holding any object in hand and covering the side of your face will make your pictures attractive and eye capturing. You can use any object such as a book or a mug, which you can get from here. or your body parts like your hands or hair to hide your face. Anything that is worth and means something to you will work in creating such self-portraits.

2. Photographing Your Silhouette

Create a dreamy look with your silhouette. Such kind of pictures are perfect for those who want to hide themselves and pretend to be like someone else. This method is always trendy and gives you a great opportunity of experimenting with different looks! Just make sure your background is colorful and bright and complements your face.

3. Make use of Shadows

It is not always important to have perfect lights to click self-portraits. Sometimes, minimal lighting and shadows make an amazing combination, and create an overall dramatic look. Try adding windows, doors, and other objects from online selling sites in your picture which will enhance the look.

4. Use nature in your self-portraits

Pictures clicked in nature are eternally admirable. You can show the seasons changing, sky self-portraits, and also including the trees, leaves, etc. The sunlight is the best source of light for clicking nature pictures and gives the most neutral look. So, do give it a try!

5. Black and White Photography

Bring more variation and experimentation in your self-portraits by using the black and white filters. They express more emotions in comparison to the colored ones. Besides, it will enhance your facial details and give a softer but stronger look. Your emotions are expressed clearly through a black and white self-portrayal. Try this one out for sure!

6. Use Double Exposure

Double exposure refers to combining any two pictures or effects and creating a single one. You can go for experimentation to show your creativity in such photographs. There are various editing applications and software that allow you to use this feature. You can click a dark and a light picture to give a unique look to your self-portrait. Get the desired equipment from sites like eBay.

7. Use lenses in your self-portraits

This would be an interesting option to click self-portraits. Remove the front and rear cap of any lens that you would like to use. Such pictures would look mesmerizing and give an awesome effect. Make sure that your lens is facing down the camera when you hold it in your hand. Everything would appear inverted and upside down. You can get these lenses from online marketplace.

8. Focus on one body part

Self-portraits become more in-depth and meaningful if any part of the body is in deep focus. The detailed capture of the same gives a stunning and eye-catchy look. It is the easiest one of all and anyone can try this out. You can use your eyes, hands, lips, etc, for deep focusing and creating beautiful self-portraits.

Well, there are uncountable ways to click self-portraits. It all depends on your creativity. Clicking these self-portraits will enhance your confidence and creativity. Just set your camera and get ready to try these tips and tricks right away! Click here for more information.

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