Attending weddings is not just about dressing up, but it is also about giving very special gifts to the newlywed couple. I understand it’s natural to run out of ideas on what you can gift. So, I thought I’ll write this super special article on the gifting ideas for the wedding season. I am not doing this budget-wise rather I’m doing this in terms of how close your relationship is with the couple who’s getting married.

Gift Them an Experience

So, getting a gift for your sister or your closest friend could be a very big challenge because you’ll be crazy involved with every step of the wedding, and it would be getting so hectic in the last one month. In the midst of it all, getting your brain in that zone of getting a gift can be very overwhelming. But when it comes to a relationship that is so close and so special, I am a firm believer in doing personalized gifts only. So, my first suggestion would be to gift them an experience because that is something they will truly cherish more than any materialistic item. No matter what technology or something that you get them, it will go bad in a few years. And you would want to give them something that they will cherish forever.  You can find out their honeymoon destination and find out what best place or destination is out there and gift them something like concert tickets, honeymoon suite bookings, hot air balloon ride experience, amusement park tickets, etc.

Instant Polaroid Camera

Well, I have one of these and I truly love it. Whenever we have friends over or we are marking a special occasionsuch as the first Diwali celebration at home, or someone’s birthday party, we can save and mark these occasions by taking a polaroid and decorating it in our homes. It can be a nice ritual and I’m sure your friends would love it as well. There are varieties of films available so you take multiple kinds of pictures such as printed ones, colored ones, or thematic ones. TrueGether, one of the coolest alternatives to eBay,  has a wide range of options to choose from. You can pick a really nice one to gift your loved ones at their wedding and they would surely cherish it forever.


Well, it is not going to be crazy expensive, trust me on that! Many popular brands have some really smart, simple, and small pieces for modern-day women. You can also look for silver jewelry, diamond solitaires, etc. There is something for every price range so that makes for a really special, memorable and good gift for your close friends.

Cosmetic Hamper

It is always recommended to get a nice hamper of cosmetics to them to use for pampering themselves after the madness of the wedding is over. There are really good brands out there who provide hampers for such occasions, you can check out the web for that. This will make them feel very special and won’t burn a very big hole in your pocket.

So, these were my gift ideas for all types of relationships you have. I hope these are helpful for you and you are able to find something really nice. Well, I think a wedding gift should be really special for the newlyweds and they should feel that you have put that little extra effort into their gift. So, make them feel like that and get them something they will truly appreciate!  

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