Do you remember the last time you read a book or any newspaper article? Are you one of those people whose daily reading habits shift from tweets to Facebook posts or mobile notifications? Well, if that’s so, you are missing out on a lot. Reading has a whole lot of benefits which we can’t even think of. Here, I am presenting a few of them.

• Mental Growth

Keeping our mind mentally stimulated prevents our brain from losing power and keeps it active. Like all other body parts, our brain needs regular exercising too, and reading actively is the solution for that. Otherwise, it would become dull and reduce the retaining power.

• Knowledge

Our mind gets filled with new information whenever we read something. You never know when you will be using that information in your life. The process of learning new things should never stop. Reading makes sure that we are processing some new information and keeping our brain active.

• Better Concentration and Focus

In today’s world of social media and technological advancements, our focus is scattered towards a billion things. In a span of 5 to 10 minutes, an average person divides his time on working on some tasks, chatting with a couple of people, checking emails, interacting with colleagues, and whatnot. And this doesn’t even seem hectic to them. When you read a book, you have all the focus on the storyline. You do not care about the rest of the world when you have a book to read in your hands. So spare at least 15 to 20 minutes of your busy schedule for reading and calm your mind.

• Improved Writing Skills

Good writing skills are directly proportional to our vocabulary. And our vocabulary is built when we read more and gain knowledge. When you get exposure to one of the best-selling well-written books, you tend to focus on their writing style, the words they use, which gets stored in your brain. Ultimately when you write something, it all gets implemented in your writing. So read the works of various best-selling authors and enrich your vocabulary. Who knows, one day we get to read your best-selling novel! Every writer influences other writers and this gets visible in their works.

• Enjoyment

If you are not a regular reader, you might think that reading is boring. But once you get habitual of reading, you start to enjoy the process. You forget all that is there in your surroundings and get fully indulged in your book. That’s the magic of book reading which every person should experience.

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