Tea is the most consumed beverage after water. But, unfortunately, only 20 percent of the consumers consume green tea as against 78 percent of black tea consumption. The type of tea is determined by the level of oxidants present in the tea leaves. Green tea is prepared from unoxidized leaves and is considered to be one of the least processed kinds of tea. So, we can safely conclude that it contains the most antioxidants and has beneficial polyphenols. There are many more benefits that Green Tea has, let us dive into them!

• Improves Brain Functioning

Green tea plays a major role to improve the functioning of our brains. The main reason is the presence of caffeine, a very known stimulant. Caffeine also results in improving mood, reaction time, memory as well as vigilance. The amino acid L-theanine, present in green tea, promotes blood flow and crosses the barrier of the blood-brain. People themselves feel the difference in them after regular consumption of green tea as it makes them more productive.

• Burns Excessive Fat

Green tea increases the rate of fat burning and boosts metabolic rate. Studies have also shown that green tea consumption increases the process of fat burning by 4%. If you combine the consumption of green tea with a regular workout, you may see rapid results in your body.

• Antioxidants Lower the Risk of Cancer

The main reason for cancer is the uncontrolled growth of cells. You would be aware that cancer is one of the leading causes of death in humans. Green tea is full of powerful antioxidants which help in the reduction of the risk of cancer. Green tea is the most beneficial in the prevention of breast cancer, prostate cancer, and colorectal cancer. To get the most benefits out of your green tea, avoid adding milk to it.

• Reduces Bad Breath

Green tea contains Catechins which has multiple oral benefits. It prevents and suppresses bacterial growth in the mouth which helps in lowering the risks of infections. Moreover, it reduces the risk of a foul smell from the mouth. Bad breath can be a huge turn off so drink green tea regularly and be benefitted.

• Good for Heart

Studies have shown that those people who drink 5 cups of green tea or more have a lower risk of dying, especially from any heart disease or cardiovascular activity). So, prefer drinking a minimum of 2 to 3 cups of green tea daily to get great effects.

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