One of the most amazing parts of being incredibly wealthy is being able to travel pretty much anywhere you want to in the entire world. Unfortunately, though when you’re jetting off to different continents or cruising across the ocean, you might start to feel a little bit homesick. One can’t exactly take their entire home with them when they are traveling. This isn’t a Pixar movie! Well, technically, you can’t. Not unless you own a floating home that is so in the spirit of homesick people everywhere. Home has always been pretty good at building homes in the strangest of places – mountaintops, near volcanoes, deserts, and even space. So, it’s not very surprising that we’ve been developing progressively cooler ways to live on the water.

We’ll be looking at some of the most expensive, elegant, and downright surprising floating homes that money can buy!

  1. Floating Seahorse – Dubai, UAE

We can’t exactly talk about unique and luxurious ways to live without mentioning Dubai after all! So, what is the Floating Seahorse and why do they call it that? This marvel of modern engineering is the product of more than 5,000 hours of research and 13,000 hours of design and engineering. And carries a price tag that reflects it, costing around 2.8 million dollars.

So, what’s inside this Seahorse? To start, this isn’t your everyday run-of-the-mill floating home. The Floating Seahorse is a 4,000 square feet double-decker floating miracle. It has an above-water living quarter, two floors, and an underwater portion complete with a master bedroom, bathroom, and a coral garden just outside the window. You could watch literal seahorses dance from the comfort of your bed.

They didn’t save all the cool stuff from below sea level either. The middle floor is where you find the kitchen, dining area, and controls for smart home automation. This floating home also doubles as a smart house and even the blinds are automated. The top floor is also known as the hot tub floor. It’s not quite as large as the other floors but it makes up for it with its amazing view.

Every room is a spectacle on this floating home with glass walls and stunning terraces that allow you to look out into the ocean or the beaches. The Floating Seahorse is exactly the type of luxury you’d find in Dubai.   

  • The Mane Decision – Kentucky, USA

You probably would be wondering why on earth is it called that? Well, that’s because it’s from the magical land of Kentucky, a state in the USA. There are two things you’ll find plenty of in Kentucky and that’s houseboats and horses. They are the houseboat manufacturing capital of the world. 85% of all houseboats are manufactured there. One of the state’s top manufacturers of houseboats is named Thoroughbred and their company’s sign is a horse.

The 1.2-million-dollar world champion houseboat is the Mane Decision. This massive sea vessel stretches the term boat quite a lot with a length of 115 feet, which is nearly twice the size of a regular houseboat and weighs about 75 to 80 tons. It puts the house in a houseboat. It has more than 3,200 square feet of living space which includes a beautifully furnished Mane Salon with a gas fireplace, nine flat-screen TVs, and a satellite system in case you get bored with the copious amounts of fishing you’ll be getting done. It is so convenient that you don’t even need to dock to leave.

It has a built-in helipad right on top of it, capable of supporting a 2,000 pounds helicopter load with additional equipment, perfect for those quick getaways from the coast guard. Its mid-sun deck comes with a temperature-controlling misting ring with 70 nozzles, capable of dropping the temperature and making for a comfortable lounge in the open. It also comes with a beautiful bar made of black pearl granite and is shaped like a horseshoe!  

  • The Arkup – Miami, USA

This vessel is the ultimate expression of what it means to live on the water. Some call it a yacht, others call it a floating villa. We call it a mansion boat! The Arkup isn’t just some floating home that you boat around in once in a while. It is so well-designed and has this whopping 5.5-million-dollar price tag.

The Arkup is completely independent of electricity and water. It has 119 solar panels on the roof, capable of storing 182 kilowatts of power in its battery packs which is enough power to run the yacht. Its air conditioning system, hydraulic system drive the thing with some crazy batteries. Alternative power like this makes the Arkup one of the most environmentally sustainable yachts on the market. This is not just great for the environment it also means goodbye electric bills!

The Arkup has 4,350 square feet of living space. It has four bedrooms, four and a half baths and can very comfortably house 8 people. But don’t let this number fool you! This yacht is anything but small. It has an outside living area and a retractable deck that literally extends outwards. You can make the yacht even bigger with a press of a button. It won’t be complete without a kitchen that has luxurious finishings such as a wine cooler, double fridge, and a range hood.   

The Arkup is equipped with a four-piling system that is responsible for lifting the entire yacht above water, reducing the threat it might face from a hurricane, and keeping it perfectly stable just like a regular house, but way cooler! It is fitted on all sides with transparent glass walls which look stunning and give you a lovely view all the time.     

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, if these luxury sea vessels are anything to go by, it’s pretty obvious man has mastered the ability to live on the water quite well. So, what do you think about floating homes – the logical next step for human settlement or a massive accident waiting to happen? Let us know!

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