Have you ever wanted to thrift or been intrigued by the notion but found it difficult to get started? You were upset when you went since you never found something you liked? I’ve been that person before. I adored the retro style of the clothing that other people found at thrift stores, but I was unable to successfully thrift for myself. I will be sharing my thrifting advice with you now that I have had some time to really get into it and refine my talents!

Where to Thrift?

The first thrifting advice is to decide what sort of clothing you’re looking for: antique apparel or more affordable current clothing. If you’re seeking vintage apparel, you might want to explore locations where the majority of the population is older. You may also lookup “thrift stores near me” on Google and visit each one to see which one appeals to you the most.

Go on Weekdays

Going thrifting throughout the week as opposed to the weekend can benefit you much since you will see more contributions before the weekend throng arrive.

Maintain a Thrift Log in a Notepad

The secret to saving money is to try and fail. You must browse various secondhand stores to determine which one best suits your particular preferences and create a thrift journal. You may keep track of everything by maintaining a thrift journal in your phone’s notes or on paper. You may jot down and keep track of the addresses, the addresses of the businesses with the most apparel in your style, the quality of the things, the best days to visit each thrift store, and the days when they provide discounts. You may either go regularly and keep track of the days you had the best findings, or you can ask a staff member about their busiest stock days to determine the best days to go. Additionally, you may make remarks about the choices at each store. Make notes on the shops that sell great men’s t-shirts, a tonne of outerwear, decent books, or a vast selection of women’s apparel, for example.

Thrifting Online

Since I am aware that thrifting takes a lot of time and isn’t for everyone, there is also the option of doing it online. There are a ton of internet stores where you can shop for and purchase used clothing. Using the filter option is my best advice for internet thrifting. In order to locate what you’re searching for, you may use the filter tool to select the type of apparel you’re looking for, certain brands, what size or color, and your price range.

Visiting Antique Stores

Although vintage stores are more expensive than thrift shops, you have the luxury of not having to go through a lot of items when you shop there. For you, the top vintage items have already been chosen and combed thoroughly. When you shop at a vintage store, you could occasionally find things there that you wouldn’t generally find in a thrift store.

Search Through Everything

I usually manage to discover my finest selections when I actually look through the pieces, so I suggest turning on your favorite podcast or album and browsing the racks.

Don’t Be Afraid to Explore Other Sections

You’d be surprised at how much is available in thrift stores, as well as what you may really find there. You should explore the thrift store and see all it has to offer since they have jewelry, home goods, furniture, shoes, books, bags, belts, and much more. You can also get these products from free Shopify alternatives.

Keep Your Options Limited

You don’t have to browse over every item if you’re a frequent thrift shopper and know what you like and what you’re searching for. By scanning the racks and focusing on the material and color of the merchandise, you may focus your search and determine whether it is something you would be interested in purchasing.

Look Closely Near Changing Rooms and Mirrors

The last piece of thrifting advice I have is to look near mirrors and dressing rooms because it is the pre-selected area. If it was worthwhile for them to try it on, it could be something that might benefit you. Because the new items haven’t yet been included in the rest of the apparel, you should also look at random racks that haven’t been sifted through.

Since there are so many hidden treasures out there just waiting to be discovered, I hope these ideas might help you feel less overwhelmed by thrifting and inspire you to give it a try. Thrifting is all about practice and having that eye for what you enjoy.

Posted by:Tanvi Punia

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  1. Good advice here Tanvi. Thank you for sharing your tips about thrift stores and how to buy the best clothes that best suit one’s needs taking into account the location, the appropriate time like weekdays to do some thrift shopping and carrying a thrift journal to jot down the prices to be able to compare which is better thrift online or buy physical to be able to save money👏👏


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