You make an effort to live a sustainable lifestyle, consuming the fewest resources and creating the least amount of trash. But occasionally it doesn’t, and you do wind up creating some trash. And that’s alright since achieving zero waste in the modern world is challenging.

But it’s crucial to control your trash, which entails reducing, reusing, and recycling. After making sure you are only using what you really need, you should try to reuse your old items as much as you can before discarding them.

Glass containers are used to package a lot of goods, particularly food items. Even though glass can be recycled fully, a lot of glass trash actually ends up in landfills. By reusing, you are effectively preserving the energy and materials that were used to produce that Glass.

1) Fermented Food Storage and Formation

For larger batches, a fermentation crock works best, but glass jars can work nicely in this situation. Reuse glass containers, particularly lidded jars, for fermenting foods including carrots, radish, beets, asparagus, jalapenos, sauerkraut, pickles, and kimchi. Probiotic bacteria from fermented foods are an excellent source for maintaining gut health. It is also said that fermentation increases the number of nutrients in food and boosts immunity.

2) Keeping Herbs and Spices Safe

You may keep spices and other dry herbs in vintage glass containers in your kitchen. Your kitchen and cupboard space can be more organized as a result. To make it even tidier, print out sheets with the names of the spices and adhere them to the appropriate containers.

Another advantage of storing spices in recycled glass jars is that they are more environmentally friendly. Glass is simple to clean and does not absorb any chemicals. So you don’t have to be concerned about any leftover odors while storing something else in that glass container.

3) Groceries in Bulk

If you enjoy stocking up on groceries, think about storing your goods in repurposed glass containers. Glass jars are not only far safer than plastic containers and easier to clean and disinfect in cases like, say, an insect infestation, but they also look classy in your kitchen.

4) Keep Cooked Food Fresh

Have you made a lot of food? Don’t discard it. Keep it. Use glass containers to keep cooked food since they can withstand hot food and won’t absorb or release anything into your meal.

5) Jar Salad

Salads in jars are a convenient and simple snack to bring. Put the ingredients for the salad in a repurposed glass jar that you can take with you on an excursion or to work to eat for lunch. Place the dressing in the bottom of the jar of salad and the remaining ingredients on top. When you’re ready to eat, combine everything.

6) Jellies and Jams

Homemade jams and jellies keep well in recycled glass containers. This is how your granny handled it.

7) Serving Beverages

Eliminate the expensive Mason jars. For pouring beverages, old glass jars work just as well. You may serve beverages with style by making sure there are no chips or cracks in the jar. Enjoy!

8) A Jar of Cookies

A very common present choice, especially around the holidays, is the cookie in a jar. It entails layer by layer placing the dry materials required to create a cookie into a mason or glass jar. A recipe card that often instructs the recipient on how to create the cookies is placed between the layers and pressed together to ensure that they do not mix. The cookie in a jar is a thoughtful and economical present that is also ridiculously adorable. Instead of purchasing new glass jars, you may create these presents from repurposed ones.

9) Candles 

Candles created at home may simply be manufactured from old glass containers. Simply melt wax beads that can be found at craft supplies or home improvement stores, pour the melted wax into a repurposed glass jar (ideally a smaller one), and top it up with a wick. Repeat the process until the candle has been consumed. To create your own unique candles, use wax in a variety of colors and add perfumes, glitter, or both.

10) Recycled Glass Bottle Lamps

Recycled glass bottle lights are an excellent and affordable way to add life to your living space. also porch. Or anywhere within the house. Simply clean and dry any old glass bottle completely. After that, insert a section of an LED string light. To allow the wire to flow through, cut a piece of the cork. If you only want one lamp, you may put the string light in a single bottle. If you want a necklace of lights to hang on a wall, you can run the string light through several bottles.

11) Terrarium

You should attempt constructing a terrarium at least once in your life, whether you have a green thumb or not. A terrarium is a miniature garden that is housed inside a glass container. It can help you relax and decrease tension, which can have a significant impact on your life. They may look lovely, grow all year round, and are simple to care for. It’s preferable to repurpose an old glass jar or container for your terrarium. You know, that truly gives off a naturalist feeling!

12) Soap Dispenser

Soap dispensers may be made from recycled and repurposed glass bottles. The packaging and container account for a sizable amount of the cost of soap. By reducing plastic packaging, using a soap dispenser will save your expenditures while promoting environmental sustainability twice as sustainable. To convert a bottle into a soap dispenser, soap dispenser heads are available online or at home supply stores.

13) Homemade Cosmetics Storage

The self-care and beauty industries use a lot of plastic, which is bad for the environment and bad for your health because of the chemicals they use. If you believe so, you can think about creating your own cosmetics using natural components. You can get the best cosmetics products from free Shopify alternatives. Do check them out!

14) Vase

One of the simplest things you can create from your old glass containers is a vase. If you like the way a glass container appears, you may use it as is; otherwise, you can paint it with acrylic paint. Any container that is taller than it is broad qualifies as a vase since vases come in any size and form. And for little to no additional money, you may add some gorgeous dΓ©cor.

15) Using Vintage Glass Containers as Storage

Finally, a variety of items, including extra coins, nuts and bolts, candy, toiletries, and more, can be stored in old glass containers.

You can repurpose glass containers all throughout your house and office if you just look around.

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