Given our society’s fixation with plastic, you are more plausible to have plastic containers than any other material containers. Plastic containers are the most common, but they also harm the environment the most if they are thrown away.

But do not fret. There are several uses for any plastic containers you may have sitting around.

1) Planters

Your used plastic containers may be turned into planters for flowering plants. They can also be used for growing herbs or to prepare cuttings for planting in your garden by growing them first.

2) Sprinklers

Old plastic water bottles may be recycled to create inexpensive garden sprinklers. Create a few holes on the bottle’s one side and join a garden hose to the mouth.

3) Drip Irrigation System

Making a cheap yet efficient drip irrigation system for your plants is another method to repurpose plastic water bottles in your garden.

4) Bird Feeders

Simple bird feeders can be made from recycled plastic bottles and containers. Those small living beings are suffering greatly due to climate change, and they require all the assistance they can receive.

5) Ice Packs in Milk Jugs

Milk jugs may be recycled in a number of ways, including by being chopped into dustpans, sprinklers, and other items. However, the simplest approach to reuse them is probably to turn milk jugs into ice packs. Simply fill a milk jug with water, leaving room for expansion, and place it in the freezer. Once it has frozen, you have a hassle-free ice pack that you can use to cold your drinks on a trip or picnic. For your information, water-filled milk jars make excellent dumbbells.

6) Pill Bottles

For traveling, shampoo and conditioner can be stored in previously used pill bottles. or to keep little objects like bobby pins.

7) Parmesan Cheese Shakers as Sprinklers

Salt, pepper, and other condiments can be sprinkled on food using parmesan cheese shakers.

8) Ice Cream Tubs

You may use ice cream tubs to store toys, Kleenex, cleaning supplies, and a variety of other goods. If you’re looking for commercial goods, you can get them from TrueGether, which is one of the best alternatives to eBay. So do check it out.

9) Mint Containers

You may keep sewing accessories like needles and bobby pins in mint containers.

10) Yogurt containers

You may build measuring cups out of used yogurt containers for your kitchen. Other than that, you can grow indoor plants in them and use them for decorative purposes.

11) Using Old Plastic Containers for Storage

Almost everything may be stored in plastic containers, including toys, sewing and craft items, oddments, and toys. Before you toss them out, stop and think about it.

Summing Up

Reusing containers that would otherwise be discarded extends their life, protects them from contaminating the environment, and lowers the consumption of resources to create new products. These are a few ideas for reusing containers that should make living more environmentally friendly and sustainable for you.

I hope you enjoyed reading it and found this blog useful!

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