You’ll be startled to learn that India is the world’s most depressed country. Despite the fact that 300 million people worldwide suffer from depression, we don’t talk about it as often as we do about other illnesses. Since earlier times, depression and poor mental health have been disregarded as significant problems. Physical and mental health are equally vital, but tragically, nobody treats mental health as a severe condition and avoids talking about it.

In India, most still view it as forbidden. In spite of the variations between rural and urban areas, according to research published by WHO and carried out for the National Care Of Medical Health, at least 6.5% of the Indian population suffers from a major mental disease. Despite the existence of efficient interventions and therapies, there is a severe lack of physicians as well as mental health professionals like psychologists and psychiatrists.

It was as low as “one in 100,000 persons,” as of the recent reporting in 2014. In India, there are 10.9 suicides for every 10,000 persons, and most suicides occur in those under the age of 44. These statistics indicate that India is experiencing a severe mental health crisis, but the way Indians are responding to it is not at all constructive. Nothing will alter as a result. The majority of the Indian community is quite critical of people who suffer from mental illnesses of any type. They believe that conversing with these people will have an adverse effect on their own mental health.

According to polls, those that comprehend it are well educated and from affluent socioeconomic backgrounds. Young children are stepping up to support several mental health campaigns since they are aware of the issues and frequently deal with stress. India has a larger population and fewer resources, yet one of the primary areas in which we fall short is the stereotyped thinking of the locals. Still today, phony customs and rituals have a blinding effect on people. However, depression is a serious mental disorder that has to be treated carefully in order to prevent the long-lasting, intense emotions of sorrow, hopelessness, and loneliness that can result from it.

Different people may have various symptoms, and symptoms can also vary based on gender. Many people mistakenly thought that depression was just being sad and lonely, but it is more than that. Its symptoms might continue for months or even years. Depression prevents a person from experiencing any joy or pleasure. One finds it more difficult to rise from bed to begin the day. Everything they do simply reeks of such despair. Everything feels so demanding and challenging.

In order to prevent us from losing another life, if you observe someone acting in this way, kindly urge him to seek out the necessary assistance and receive appropriate medical care. Make them aware that it should be avoided, and that the most essential thing is to maintain mental stability. Now, a lot of famous people are defying expectations and speaking out in public about it so that others may understand its impact. Numerous mental health organizations are making excellent progress in the cause. And all we can do at this point is wait for things to improve. Keeping a journal and maintaining it daily can immensely help you in improving your mental health. You can get such journals from eBay alternatives.

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