Corona Protection

COVID-19 is a disease that is caused by a new strain of Coronavirus. ‘CO’ stands for the corona, ‘VI’ for the virus and ‘D’ for the disease. The virus is usually transmitted through direct contact with the respiratory droplets of an infected individual that is generated through his coughing and sneezing. Individuals can also be infected by touching the surfaces that are already contaminated with the virus and after that touching their eyes, nose, and mouth. The COVID-19 virus usually survives on contaminated surfaces for several hours, but the simple disinfectants can kill it. Cough, fever, and shortness of breath are some of its symptoms. In more serious cases, the infection can cause pneumonia or unbearable breathing difficulties. More rarely, the disease can also be fatal. Its symptoms are similar to influenza or the common cold, which are many times common than COVID-19. There is no vaccine available for the treatment of COVID-19. But many of its symptoms can be treated by getting early treatment from a doctor as it can make the disease less dangerous.

Many preventive measures can be taken to stop the spread of Coronavirus. You can keep your workplace and home clean with sanitization services. It will help you stay physically and mentally healthy. Social distancing should be mandatory and large gatherings must be avoided. Stay at home and try to avoid going out as much as possible. Use a face mask whenever you step out of your house. These few measures would help you in corona protection.

Stay safe from the coronavirus
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