Easy Solutions to Beauty Emergencies

There are times when you wake up in the morning and find an unwanted pimple on your face and moreover, your hair looks oily. In the same evening, you have a party to attend. Altogether, they create a disaster! But need not worry. Here are some emergency hacks and tips to take care of your skin and hair.When we are looking for products to get better skin or hair, we depend on Cosmetics and readymade products. But there are a lot of ingredients in front of our eyes that act as a remedy for our skin and hair. They are quite beneficial and have no harmful after-effects.

For Glowing Skin

Scrubbing our skin is very important to have soft and glowing skin. You can use a wet towel to rub your legs and arms and it will have a similar effect as that of the market product. For your face, you can use soft and clean tissue. Dip it in facewash and massage with it gently on your whole face for around 5 minutes. Then wash it out.

For Acne

In case you find out acne popping up on your face, quickly apply a small globule of toothpaste to it. It will make the reddishness and irritation go away and provide a soothing sensation. If you want more relief, you can grind a tablet of Aspirin and apply it to the acne while sleeping and in the daytime too.

For Massaging

You can use your old toothbrushes to massage different areas of your face. Toothbrushes are proved to be really effective to get rid of blackheads. They also help in healing cracked lips. Just massage it on your wet skin and you will see the effects soon.

For Skin Betterment

Apply moisturizer on your face. After that, take a muslin cloth, dip it in lukewarm water and set it on your face till it gets completely dried up. It will make sure that the moisturizer that you applied reaches your skin deeply. It will make your skin feel so much lighter and better than before. You can buy premium quality moisturizers from this alternative to Shopify. Do check it out!

For Eyebrows

Most of you must have used tweezers to shape your eyebrows. Well, you do understand the pain this process comes along with. If it becomes intolerable, you can apply ice cubes on your brows to get instant relief from pain. It will also take the redness away with it. So do give it a try.

For Oily Scalp

If you have an oily scalp, first of all, hold tissue paper over your scalp to remove the upper layer of oil on the hair. After that, use either cocoa or charcoal powder to spread it over your scalp evenly. It will soak all the unwanted oil. As an alternative, you can also mix cornflower in some water and then spray it all over your hair and scalp. You will see the difference instantly.

Well, aren’t these solutions so uncomplicated? You save not only your time but also the money you would have invested in a salon. Also, these are proven to be effective and are extremely fruitful. So, go ahead and try them out! 

Posted by:Tanvi Punia

Blogger and Content Writer The Silent Scribbler ✍️♥️

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